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Paragraph Editing

Edit this paragraph to make it past tense. 

In The Miracle Worker, Annie Sullivan is a little surprised when she met Helen Keller. She doesn’t know that this girl will be blind, mute, and deaf. Besides that, she does not have any experience in teaching that kind of person. She sees that Helen does not even know what discipline is. Annie very quickly decides that she should experiment and try to teach Helen sign language, the alphabet for the deaf.
She knows that it is the only way to open her mind to see that the world is interesting and bright. She said on page 31, "Do what my fingers do; never mind what it means." For me, it is one of the most dramatic moments of the story because of Annie’s character.

Edit this paragraph to make it present tense.

In China, the teachers do not smile or make any jokes in class and, usually, they do not allow students to talk in class, even if it is related to the subject. To the students, the teachers were very serious and strange people. They admired them, but sometimes they were afraid of them. It is very difficult for many Chinese students to imagine their teachers as regular people. They even forgot their teachers have families and children and goes shopping like everyone else.