Lunch Time Expectations

1. When the teacher dismisses you, go to your locker to get your lunch.
2. Stay seated during eating.
3. Ask an adult if you need to go to the washroom.  Bring the hall pass.
4. You may read, sketch, use your device or talk to a friend when you finish eating.
5. When the bell rings and an adult dismisses you, you may place your leftover food and containers into your lunch bag.
6. Tuck in your chair.
7. Put garbage into the garbage bin.
8. Place your lunch bag into your locker.
9. Put on your coat if it is cold.
10. Go outside until the bell rings.

Lunch Expectations by Ms. Le on GoAnimate

Ruth's Restaurant:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 
Subs are $4 (options are Veggie, Turkey, or Roast Beef).
Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
 Pizza is $2 (options are Veggie or Cheese)
Juice Boxes, Chocolate Milk, Chips, Popcorn, Cookie, are $1
(Note: These are on sale everyday.)