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Diffusion and Osmosis

Part 3:  Egg Osmosis Experiment

Watch the experiment below and fill out your lab report.

Part 2:

Visit this website to complete your worksheet on Osmosis and Diffusion.

Part 1:

Some of the needs of cells are met by the processes of osmosis and diffusion. You have been experiencing osmosis and diffusion throughout your life – whether you have realized it or not.

Complete this interactive activity to learn more about osmosis and diffusion in your life. You will need to log into the OERB first and click the link above. 

Complete your organizer to compare osmosis and diffusion.

Now that you know how osmosis and diffusion work in the kitchen, it is time to find out how these processes work in your body.

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Complete this interactive activity to learn about how osmosis and diffusion regulate the amount of water and other materials moving into and out of cells.

Add to your organizer on osmosis and diffusion.

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