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Scientific Drawings

Scientific drawings differ from artistic drawings because their purpose is different.

Scientific drawings are designed to simply portray the important elements of their subjects. Sketching and shading is not part of scientific drawings, but precise lines and stippling (dots to show shading) are. Scientific drawings should be located to the left of centre on the page to make room for the labels to come.

These drawings are always completed with a pencil (HB, H or 2H pencils are preferred). All labels on scientific drawings are to be drawn going to the right side of the drawing. Lines from the drawing to the label are drawn with a ruler. A title for the drawing, your name, and the magnification under the microscope should also be included.

Watch this video of an onion skin cell.  Draw a picture of this onion skin cell at 400x magnification. Label all the parts of a cell you can see on the right hand side of your drawing.