Child Labour

We will be learning about child labour around the world. 
Part 4:  Writing a letter to Nestle
Read this article on Nestle and child labour.  We will be writing a letter to Nestle to convince them to not buy cocoa from farms who use child labour.

Part 3: What can we do to help?

Go to this website on Craig Kielburger and Free the Children.  Watch the video and read the article. Complete your question sheet.

Part 2: Child labour in the clothing industry

Child labour occurs in many different types of manufacturing including clothing and toys.  Watch the following report from the BBC after last year's collapse of a clothing manufacturing building in Bangladesh.  Thousands of people including children work in unsafe conditions in the clothing industry in Bangladesh.

Watch the following video and answer the questions on your worksheet.

Clothing is made from cotton.  Many companies do not know how this cotton is picked.  Watch the video on this website to see how child labour can be involved in cotton production.

Part 1: Child labour in the chocolate industry

Watch the following video and answer the questions on the first page of your worksheet:

Complete the second page of your worksheet by watching the following video:

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