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Immigration to New France

Many people from France immigrated (moved to) New France in the New World.  
In the beginning most of the people who came to New France were men.  However, colonization could not occur without women.
There were about 2,000 women and girls among the 10,000 founding immigrants of Canada. These included the filles du roi, the some 850 young women sent to Quebec in the middle of the 17th century to marry the men of the colony.
Most of the people who came to New France came from urban areas (cities) in Europe.
Religious Origins
From 1627–1628, Canada was an officially Catholic colony. Unconverted Protestants, while often tolerated as temporary immigrants, could not hold assemblies to practise their religion “under pain of punishment.” Fewer than 300 Huguenots were among the founding immigrants of Canada and many of them converted to Catholicism before they arrived.
In the comment section, answer the following questions:

1. Who were the immigrants to New France?
2. Which area of France did the immigants come from?
3. What religion did most immigrants follow?